Installation instructions

BioSimulators-pyNeuroML is available as three command-line programs and three command-line programs encapsulated into three Docker images.

Command-line program

After installing Python (>= 3.7), pip, and Java run the following command to install BioSimulators-pyNeuroML:

pip install biosimulators-pyneuroml

Add the netpyne option to install support for NetPyNe.

pip install biosimulators-pyneuroml[netpyne]

Add the neuron option to install support for NEURON.

pip install biosimulators-pyneuroml[neuron]

Docker images with command-line entrypoints

After installing Docker, run the following commands to install the Docker images for jNeuroML/pyNeuroML, NetPyNe, and NEURON:

docker pull
docker pull
docker pull